My life in Primary school 初二英语作文

初中英语作文 时间:2019-03-18  阅读次数: 我要投稿

As time goes by,No I am a student in the middle school,But I still miss my primary school.At that time, the sky always very blue and sunny.I was so happy in there, everyday.

My primary school was very beautiful.There were all kinds of trees and flowers everywhere.My teachers were friendly to me and my classmates,So we liked them very much.I had a lot of close friends in there,After class, we often played games or did sports in the playground.

What a happy life!

My life in primary school told me a lot, I know many things and i'm growing up, I will never forget those years, i'm looking forward to the future life just like my life in primary school——relaxing and interesting!