Life Is Struggle 高二作文

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Life Is Struggle

Everything in the world is in constant struggle. Struggle is in a sense of the competition in natural selection among organisms.

Animals and plants struggle for their existence. Nature provides them with weapons for that struggle. Lions have claws; fish have scales; roses have thorns. They use these weapons for the unavoidable war of existence. Nature also orders us to struggle; when we obey the nature, we win our existence.

The result of struggle is the evolution of a better society. In order to surpass the others, one has to devote himself to what he does. If every individual does so, the society will make progress.

Struggle is inevitable. But we should struggle with sportsmanship, not to stand in the way of others in order to achieve our own success. It is only by struggling in such a way, mankind will see a world getting more glorious day by day.




动物和植物的生存斗争。大自然赋予了这一斗争武器。狮子有爪,鱼有鳞,玫瑰有刺。他们使用了这些武器的存在不可避免的战争。大自然也迫使我们去奋斗,当我们服从的性质,我们赢了我们的生存。 斗争的结果是一个更好的社会变迁。为了超过别人,要立志报国,他做些什么。如果每个人都这样做,社会就会进步。